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Acme Phoebe®
$2.66 - $3.51

Phoebe® is one of the finest metal spinning lures ever made. The unique hydrodynamic curvature creates a three-dimensional illusion. Fished fast, slow, deep, or shallow - this lure looks like a fat, full-bodied baitfish. [more]

Cordell C.c. Spoon®

With a fluttering and searching descent, the lure resembles a dying shad - one that is easily captured and consumed. [more]

BS Fish Extreme Wobblers

Choose from the BE Extreme Series or the BX Mini-Extreme Series. Both offer a unique 9 to 3 o'clock wobbling action. They can be used for a variety of uses in the water such as plunking, back bouncing, trolling, or can be used as a flashing device. They come with a VMC or Mustad hook and a tunable… [more]

Dick Nite Dick Nite Spoons Size 1 And 2

A thin-bladed spoon that has been producing great fishing experiences for fisher-men, -women and -children for over 60 years. Used for trolling, stream fishing, mooching, dock fishing, casting or even ice fishing. Dick Nites are well suited for nearly any fishing situation. For cutthroat,… [more]

Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon 6.0
$6.59 - $9.49

High action multi-speed trolling spoon.Trolling Action. Premium Plating and Polishing for Maximum Flash. Heavy Duty Construction. Corrosion Resistant Finishes. [more]

Gold Star Coho Killer

An ultrarealistic 3-D eye and fluttery, lifelike action mimics that of a baitfish for enticing aggressive strikes. Rigged with a single hook. [more]

Luhr Jensen Needlefish 1-1/2" And 1-1/8"

Corrosion resistant finishes. Now with metal flipper tail for more flash and better trolling. [more]

BS Fish Brad's Extreme Wobblers

Lighter than a standard Brad's Wobbler which allows action in slower currents or trolling speeds. [more]

Poulsen Half-fast Steelure

These casting spoons are a favorite of stream and river anglers all over the Northwest. Proven winners for steelhead and equally effective for salmon. Top quality hooks and tough stainless steel split rings. Half-Fast steelures are not an import they are handcrafted in the U.S.A. [more]

Silver Horde Coho Killer Spoon

This lightweight flutter spoon produces an action that mimics a small baitfish. The addition of molded 3-D eye this lure realistic appearance. 7/16"x3" rigged with a single hook. [more]

Wordens Triple Teazer

One of the most productive casting and trolling lures of all times, the original Triple Teazer can be used to catch all kinds of gamefish. The thinner trolling sizes have just the right action to make fish strike. The heavier spin sizes can be easily cast and retrieved creating the same productive… [more]

Eppinger Dardevles®
$3.29 - $4.84

Skeeters, Lil' Devles®, Midgets, and Spinnies are all casting lures. [more]

Eppinger Dardevlets® & Dardevles®
$6.42 - $7.32

The classic Dardevle Spoon remains the one of the most popular and among the most effective all-around fishing lures on the market today. Cast or trolled, this spoon sports a unique wiggling-and-wobbling action that is absolutely irresistible to pike, walleye, bass, and all hungry other game fish… [more]

Thomas Buoyant
$3.00 - $3.11

An erratic action wobbler with a unique shape and bend that creates an irregular wobbling and darting motion. [more]

Thomas Fighting Fish

Unique bend and raised "scale" pattern of this spoon create action and flash irresistible to all types of gamefish. [more]

Thomas Colorado
$2.68 - $2.92

A wobbler-type spoon, is a bait fish imitator par excellence. Its engraved half-scale pattern and two-tone coloration create a highly reflective flash that attracts all types of game fish, especially trout, and triggers them to strike. [more]

Eagle Claw Retro Spoon Assortment

An classic spoon from Eagle claw! An assortment of colors in each pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Willow Spinners Assortment

An assortment of willow spinners. [more]

Eagle Claw Trout Kit

All you need in one kit for trout fishing. [more]

Acme Little Cleo Classics®

Time tested favorites for Jumbo Trout, Steelhead & Salmon. Kit includes Little Cleo 2/5 oz.: Nickel/Neon Blue, Nickel/Fire Stripe, Gold/Neon Red, Hammered Nickel/Neon green. [more]

Acme Little Cleo®

Proven selection for Walleye, Bass & Northern Pike. Kit includes Little Cleo 2/5 oz. Fire Tiger, Rainbow Trout, yellow/red diamonds, chartreuse/green. [more]

Berrys Glitter Spoon
$3.26 - $3.60

Bendable, flexible spoon. [more]

Berrys Threadfin Spoon
$3.26 - $3.60

Bendable, flexible spoon. Hollow form. [more]

Mepps Little Wolf
$3.26 - $3.51

Mepps Little Wolf is a rugged, solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish like many other ordinary spoons. Its genuine silver-plating produces one bright wht flash after another as it is pulled through the water, and its reverse-curve design features ten distinct highly-reflective surfaces… [more]

Mepps Mepps Timber Doodle
$5.66 - $6.65

Timber Doodles, when rigged with a Mister Twister Split Double Tail, are virtually weedless.In addition, all Timber Doodles produce an erratic swimming action irresistible to game fish. Because they flutter as they sink, they can be vertically jigged, cast or trolled. They are ideal for bass,… [more]

Poulsen Steelure Kit

The kit includes five spoons with split rings and quality VMC® single siwash hooks, ready to assemble. Blister packed. [more]

Poulsen Norseman Bait Mounts

Quite possibly the fastest, easiest, most effective way to rig a herring, anchovy, or other bait for trolling. Simply insert the mount near the tail, slide it along the backbone toward the head, and clip the snap through the mouth and the pointed end of the mount. Once rigged, just bend to the… [more]

Rocky Mountain Serpent Spoon

Serpent Spoon is a light weight premium flutter spoon. This thin line trout and kokanee spoon has an incredible action due in part to its deep cup stream line design. We have combined UV paint technology and reflective tape on our UV Flash Serpent Spoons and when placed under UV light they emit a… [more]

Jakes Li'l Jake

A smaller version of its big brother Spin-A-Lure. Excellent for trolling or casting. Deadly on all gamefish. [more]

Jakes Jake's Wobbler

For use in lakes, rivers and streams. A new design in fishing lures. Four years in design & field testing. Trolling & spincasting. Works on all game fish. [more]

108 Results
Per Page 30 60
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