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Eppinger Dardevles®
$3.29 - $4.84

Skeeters, Lil' Devles®, Midgets, and Spinnies are all casting lures. [more]

Rainbow Steelhead Special Lures
$20.55 - $22.68

Here is a casting lure that is heavy enough to get down where you need for steelhead, salmon, etc. Made of.090 thick steel, plated with nickel, brass, or copper. [more]

Acme Kamloopers®
$3.80 - $5.09

Casts like a bullet, travels for a country mile-Kamlooper is virtually unaffected by strong winds. The best of the spoon lures, it's perfect for catching gamefish which gobble 80% of their prey from the bottom or in deeper feeding zones. The high weight/profile ratio means that the Kamlooper gets… [more]

Acme Phoebe®
$2.66 - $3.51

Phoebe® is one of the finest metal spinning lures ever made. The unique hydrodynamic curvature creates a three-dimensional illusion. Fished fast, slow, deep, or shallow - this lure looks like a fat, full-bodied baitfish. [more]

Luhr Jensen Krocodile®

Stamped and formed from solid brass, buffed, then plated with corrosion-resistant chrome to a jeweler's standard. Narrow design gives erratic swimming motion whether trolling, casting or jigging. Available with chrome finish or with Prism-Lite® adhesive panels. [more]

Acme Side-winder®
$2.66 - $3.62

Deadly if fished deep or near the surface - in salt or freshwater. It has a wobbling, fluttering action plus a unique side-slipping motion that game fish can't resist. [more]

Eagle Claw Retro Spoon Assortment

An classic spoon from Eagle claw! An assortment of colors in each pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Willow Spinners Assortment

An assortment of willow spinners. [more]

Eagle Claw Trout Kit

All you need in one kit for trout fishing. [more]

Wordens Fst®

This is the original F.S.T. Spoon. Featuring a unique slow-troll action the F.S.T. has been catching fish for decades. From trout, shad, bass and kokanee to salmon and lake trout, all kinds of fish are attracted to the enticing wobbling action of the F.S.T. Not sure if more will be added when… [more]

Eagle Claw Dooms Day Spoon

Varied Sizes included in each assortment. [more]

Angler Innovations Original Egg Wobblers
$10.40 - $13.99

The Original Egg Wobbler is a vintage wobbler pattern recently brought back due to its unique qualities. Known for it's deadly swing, the Egg Wobbler does extremely well on fish in heavy current or fast trolling speeds as it does not spin like my other favorite wobbler patterns. [more]

Tasmanian Devil Original Devil
$4.38 - $4.81

Best trolling speed is 4.5 KPH (2.75 MPH) and the correct speed is indicated by a pulsing or nodding action of the rod tip. A recommended trolling 4 KPH (2.4 MPH) is sufficient to provide the unique action of flicking and swaying from side to side that normally will attract the most reluctant fish… [more]

Yellowbird Doctor Spoon
$5.44 - $7.38

Its unique design allows Doctor Spoons to be fished at almost any speed with deadly results. Doctor Spoons are the only double action spoon there is. You can attach the hook to the wide end and tie to the narrow end for a tight wobbling action, or attach the hook to the narrow end for a wide,… [more]

Dream Weaver Dreamweaver Spoons
$4.73 - $5.18

Dreamweaver spoons are designed and tested by professional fishermen to give the best possible action, and are the spoon of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. Every spoon is hand-painted & assembled in the USA. Our finishes have been tried & tested for the last 15 years & are… [more]

Mepps Syclops™
$3.42 - $5.10

It casts easily and can be trolled at almost any speed. Sandwich two back to front and you've got a brute of a lure that weighs a full 2 ounces. Can also be vertically jigged making it ideal for ice fishing. [more]

Mepps Little Wolf
$3.26 - $3.51

Mepps Little Wolf is a rugged, solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish like many other ordinary spoons. Its genuine silver-plating produces one bright wht flash after another as it is pulled through the water, and its reverse-curve design features ten distinct highly-reflective surfaces… [more]

Mepps Mepps Timber Doodle
$5.66 - $6.65

Timber Doodles, when rigged with a Mister Twister Split Double Tail, are virtually weedless.In addition, all Timber Doodles produce an erratic swimming action irresistible to game fish. Because they flutter as they sink, they can be vertically jigged, cast or trolled. They are ideal for bass,… [more]

Northland Jaw-breaker Spoons

Stamped from solid brass, and features a genuine Eagle Claw® hook, a totally weedless plastic "Y" weedguard, and Limber-legs® action-tail skirt. [more]

Luhr Jensen Krocodile®
$4.32 - $4.44

Stamped and formed from solid brass, buffed, then plated with corrosion-resistant chrome to a jeweler's standard. Narrow design gives erratic swimming motion whether trolling, casting or jigging. Available with chrome finish or with Prism-Lite® adhesive panels. [more]

Blue Fox Rattlin' Pixee®
$4.59 - $5.09

Heavy construction emits long casts with deep retrieves to reach wary fish. Glowing egg sac inserts add natural element to your offering that drive the fish wild. [more]

Cordell C.c. Spoon®

With a fluttering and searching descent, the lure resembles a dying shad - one that is easily captured and consumed. [more]

Northland Live-forage®

It is stamped from solid brass, and features a premium Mustad Ultra-Point hook, and totally weedless plastic "Y" weedguard that slithers thru the thickest matted cover. Also features a sparkling "holographic" FlashFoil? body with Live-Forage® HD Fish-Phot-Image? patterns that match-the-hatch to… [more]

Acme Kastmaster®
$5.79 - $11.22

Kastmaster's® balance produces wild action without line twist. Its aerodynamic design makes it the master distance caster. The Kastmaster® is machined from solid brass. It won't break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to saltwater. [more]

Als Goldfish Goldfish
$67.08 - $69.48

Comes with free hook bonnets. 1 dozen per card. [more]

Hildebrandt Shad King

An effective lightweight spoon with flashing bangles on the hook. Used for shad, trout, white bass, and as a trailer for all game fish. Sharp forged hook with swivel in front. (2 pack) [more]

Pot-O-Gold Pot-o-gold Flash Spoons
$2.93 - $3.18

The Pot-O-Gold Flash lure is a weedless, single hook gold spoon that lets you cast to where the fish are. The natural swimming action is a proven fish catcher. [more]

Eppinger Dardevle®

Dynamite lightweight lure for bass, walleye, pike, and trout on spinning tackle. [more]

$7.65 - $9.01

The Jake was one of the 2 original savant spoon series. Modeled in a classic flutter spoon design similar to the Mooselook Thinfish. The Jake is a 3" 1/3 oz spoon stamped in half hard brass rather than the spring brass of the Thinfish series. This adds some weight and imparts a different action to… [more]

Acme K.o. Wobblers®

This lure excites fish by sight and sound. Gamefish are sensitive to the vibrations created by baitfish on the move. K.O. Wobblers mimic this sound with their precision-engineered "Sonic Flipper Tail". Once they are drawn by the sound, gamefish are excited into striking by the K.O.'s flashing tail… [more]

111 Results
Per Page 30 60
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